May you always get the room with a view

Author: Ana Demeny

Spoiler alert: I am not a fan of new year resolutions or articles that go like: ‘10 things to get better at life’, or ‘15 habits you should get rid of’. You know what I mean.

Instead, I believe it’s only about priority. You will lose that weight when you’ll want to be healthy and fit. You will reply to all.. OK most,.. OK, OK some emails on time. You’ll spend more time outdoor, drink less, be nicer to other people, try to solve world hunger or global warming. You’ll do all that when it will be IMPORTANT for you.That is the reality. We all do what we have to. One way or another, people go with their gut. It’s not always happy, but it is what matters to them.

Have you ever seen those videos or quotes where someone tells us we’ll regret these times of spending too much time at work, or not saying: I love you enough. How do they know? Did they actually see someone on their death bed going: ‘I’m sorry I built a brilliant career. I would have been happier in a job that would have been less challenging but also excruciatingly boring.’.

The point is: we just don’t know. So, what if, in this new year, we try to feel more and trust more. Be invested in what you do, in your friends, in your relationships. Everyone says that the 2017 word was: creative, well I think the 2018 word should be: passion. I know that when you get attached to something or someone, you can get hurt, but you also get to live. For real.

I know we are living complex lives, we are confused literally every day. We think about stuff and we have to choose all the time. This is overwhelming and stressful. I’ve been trying to buy a tumble dryer for a few months now. I still didn’t do it, because I just chocked on the 984748 tumble dyers out there. By the way, why are some tumble dryers over £1000? I mean, come on. OK, I’m diverting, the point was: don’t over think all the time.

Choose! Choose! Choose!

Get a tumble dryer, choose a cleaning lady, buy a trip. Don’t allow yourself to get paralysed in the options. Don’t waste your time.

Then, if you are with someone or if you meet someone. Be all in. Trust that your instincts will pay off. Be happy, even if for a moment. If you can’t be all in, then maybe it’s just not the thing. If you can’t be passionate with something or someone, then maybe it’s just not it. Maybe it’s time to change your job or your life. We only get one… You’ll never be as young as today.

Anyway. That’s it. Good luck! May you have an amazing year. I wish you stumble upon more happy moments than unhappy ones. May you see great places, eat nice food, have perfect flights with aisle seats for free, have nice weather, only get a cold during the work week. May you always get the room with a view.