Learn, do, earn with Dynamics 365 - Session 9

Author: Ana Demeny

Session 9 was our time to reflect on where we are, how much we've learnt and what do we still need to do, in order to pass MB2-717. For the second part of the session, Clare presented search capabilities in Dynamics 365 CE.

Exam prep

We were fortunate and had advice from a pro.

Julian Sharp is a hot shot trainer who travels all over the world and shares some of his knowledge to people who want to learn CRM, in organised training sessions.

Julian actually took the time to go through our sessions. He then mapped the material we covered, with the exam curriculum.

He also gave us some tips and tricks, such as:

  • book the exam in advance
  • answer all the questions
  • read the questions properly

As usual, I've published a full article on how to prep for the exam.

Clare Searches stuff

Clare Sharp delivered the second part of Session 9.

Clare has an impressive 27 years of experience as a translator. She now sees her career vanishing in front of her eyes as more and more items are being translated by automated processes and AI. She applied for this programme with a winning attitude and a plan to build a career in Dynamics.

I had the honour of meeting her at a Women in Dynamics event and I can honestly say she is so lovely you feel like hugging her all the time.

On top of her great personality she is a hard worker which was obvious from her detailed presentation on search capabilities in Dynamics 365 CE.

Before I direct you to her article, we need to get the C Sharp giggle out of our systems.

Please see Clare's full article here, and Clare's and Julian's presentations in full, in the session recording below:

pic source: http://www.varesenews.it/fotolettori/hihihihihi/ http://sarahvanderson.com/MAP-ILLUSTRATION