Learn, do, earn with Dynamics 365 - Session 10

Author: Ana Demeny

In this session Nicolle Huntingford presented leads in an unique way. You'll see, I'll show you. I've also done Quotes.

Nicolle's vibrant personality charms you from the start. Mix that with her obvious creativity and attention to detail and you get Nicolle's personal brand: Digital Raspberry Marketing.

So running a company, raising 3 small children with Chris Huntingford (by the way, don't miss Chris's session at summit EMEA and she still found time to attend this programme and prepare a presentation.

Once again, the unique style of Learn, do, earn participants comes to life with Nicolle who's attention to detail you can observe in the recording as well as her article on Leads. She is so thorough with her work and does so many examples that, at some point she is convinced she broke her Dynamics 365 instance and is trying to fix it :). She also goes into every possible way of doing something so, as part of creating leads, she actually demos the Data Import capabilities. Please see Nicolle's article on Leads here.

It's difficult to present after Nicolle, but I did show Quotes, as it is part of MB2-717. I actually had a good demo on Quotes, everything worked like a charm :). Here's a brief summary of Quotes here. As usual, I'm going into the 'whys' and try to explain the reasoning behind the Quotes capability. I'm also providing links to step by step guides.

Please see the full Leads and Quotes presentation below: