Meet the Learn, do, earn with Dynamics 365's participants

Author: Ana Demeny

For those of you who just landed here, Learn, do, earn with Dynamics365 is a programme designed to get more people into Dynamics365 as well as try to bridge the gender gap in Dynamics.

Find out more about it here.

As mentioned before, we've had an amazing response to this initiative. As a result, I will post here, a lesson summary after each session, to help all those who wanted to be involved in this programme, but couldn't because of the limited capacity.

I am now very happy to introduce you to our amazing participants, in their own words:

I am a people’s person, energetic, organized, easy going and a perfectionist. I have a Bachelor Degree in Economic Sciences, Management specialization and I am at the point in life where I am looking for a career change after 7 years in the care sector. My name is Daniela Nicolae and I am full time mummy to a one-year old baby girl. She’s my inspiration. I am looking forward to the course, becoming hopefully a Dynamics365 specialist and get my first job in this field.

My name is Jess and I’m from Doncaster. I am currently on a Graduate programme training to be a consultant specialising in Dynamics CRM. After studying Business and Marketing for 4 years at Sheffield Hallam University; I left in June 2017 searching for a role that would not only challenge me but also help me to continually develop my skills and knowledge professionally. I feel I have definitely found that within my current role and while I have no previous experience with Dynamics other than the past 5 months - I look forward to building my forever career in CRM.

What I hope to achieve by participating in this course is to learn more around Dynamics CRM and build upon the limited knowledge I already have within this area. My goal is to be able to confidently walk into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales exam at the end of this course and pass with flying colours!
I am a translator aiming to switch to Dynamics 365. To me, this course is the chance to move forward towards a new career.
I have nurtured an independent attitude which I feel makes my life enjoyable. I hope that through this course I’ll be able to open up new areas of capabilities for myself, and with that knowledge be able to encourage other individuals to better themselves and their circumstances through a career in CRM. I believe this course will give me a better understanding of how learning CRM may benefit eager minds that are still searching for their place in the business world. My name is Anita, and I’d like to think that I can make a difference in the world, hello CRM!
Ania :
I'm Ania Ferańska currently working as a CRM Manager within the entertainment industry. My goal is to gain an in-depth knowledge of Sales module of Dynamics 365 so that I can utilise it to improve processes within my workplace.
I’m Kerry Benfield, nearly 40 with 2 small children and a husband. I have worked on and off for Nottingham Trent University in the UK for 16 Years. In my current role as a System Analyst the operational support of Dynamics 365 has been handed to me. I hope to achieve a greater insight into Dynamics 365 and to enhance my limited self-taught knowledge as well as supporting and sharing with others in the same position!’
I am Nicolle Huntingford and I am married to “TattoedCRMguy” we have Lived in the UK for the past 3.5 years and have 3 kids together! Dynamics 365, CRM, Microsoft programmes, social engagement are just some of the topics of conversation that I have been so enthusiastically introduced to over the past few years. Through these conversations, most of the time I felt quite overwhelmed and had no idea what half of it meant until I was able to apply it to my day to day job (I have opened my own company specialising in Digital Marketing) I am currently working with Dynamics 365 and Social Engagement but not nearly to its full potential, as I understand the “just” of it. Having a better understanding of how to use it to its full potential will not only help me but help me grow my business. I believe in sharing knowledge, so the more I know the more I have to share. Super excited to be a part of the Journey with Ana!
I am pretty easy-going, I see myself as practical and I am a fairly quiet person. I love to travel to new countries and try local foods and just experience a different way of living. I am hoping that on completion of this course that I will realise a more proficient way of working, that my work will become more streamline, save time and be more productive.

Here it is. How cool is it that these ladies, and many more, will work hard towards building a new career?

Good luck to everyone. Let's CRM!