Learn, do, earn with Dynamics 365 is going places

Author: Ana Demeny

And you should join!

It all started a while back, when I realised how hard it is to find available CRM professionals. In my old company, we struggled for months to get a new CRM developer in, and once I decided it was time to leave my job, I got 2 great offers in just a week.

I created this website, to present the basics of Dynamics365, for people who wish to get into CRM, but have no means to do it. This way, I thought, they could read articles in their own time, do the research and get started.

But now it's time for phase II.

At the last Dynamics 365 conference the attendance was really good, but you could fit all the girls in one picture. So, with the amazing help and support from Janet Robb and the Dynamics365 community, Phase II of the Learn, do, earn with Dynamics365 programme is for you ladies!

For 6 weeks, I will hold online sessions on how to get started with Dynamics365. The full course will guide participants into getting their first Microsoft certificate. With this exam, it's full steam ahead towards yours first Dynamics 365 job.

The lessons will be 45 minutes long, at 20:00, twice a week. They’ll be interactive and fun. You’ll get to build your own project, ask any questions and gain confidence in your skills.

Now the best bit: the course is free of charge.

All materials, work, presentations, little practice tasks, I’ll build in my own time. Other people-important, experienced people- will jump in from time to time, to give you a session on Dynamics. This is why, we do ask for commitment. Anyone who joins, will have to register for their first Microsoft Dynamics 365 exam which costs £113. If you like the sound of all this, send me an email at: ana.demeny@live.com and let’s get you a new qualification or even a new job 😊.