How to use Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP)

Author: Ana Demeny

I always use DLP when I plan to take a Microsoft Exam.

Dynamics Learning Portal is an amazing hub of information. You'll find official study guides, subjects you need to cover for an exam and video courses. It is similar to Microsoft Virtual Academy (which you should totally check out. Try this link for Microsoft Virtual Academy Dynamics 365).

How to use DLP:

  1. Info on how to gain access, you can find from Mohamed Mostafa

  2. Once you have access, login using this link: You need to choose the right login access. Probably as Microsoft Dynamics Partners!

  1. Once you're in, you can either search for what subject interests you:

or you can navigate the menus and use filters for a more accurate list of study materials:

  1. As you can see, you can download manuals, or watch the videos. Once you find your most important materials you can save them as your favourites:

  1. DLP stores a transcript for you, so you can easily keep track of your learning plans

  2. For more information, DLP provides some instructional videos

I hope this helps you find the information you need.